About Us

The idea behind The Jeweler's Eye is that of a jeweler selecting only the most exquisite pieces which please his discriminating eye. Jeweler Roger Hautsch has built his reputation upon selecting eye-appealing pieces since 1989. With graduate gemological training and a background in antiques, Roger has delighted his clients with a variety of interesting, tasteful, and one-of-a kind jewelry from the most creative artisans and designers of the past 200 years.

The Jeweler's Eye Collection

The Jeweler's Eye collection is a unique and eclectic blend of Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Edwardian, Art Moderne and contemporary jewelry. It is sure to tempt the fashionable as well as the collector. Since the collection grows and evolves weekly, there are always new treasures to view.

Roger and his helpful staff invite you to make your special requests known and they will be sure to contact you when these pieces arrive.

Roger Hautsch, gemologist and proprietor